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: PAPER SNAKES (2009) :

A long piece of paper is attached to a tangential blower. Its free extremity is cut in several straps. The air makes the paper waving rapidly. The waves are changed into snakes at the far end of the piece of paper. The paper snakes beat an amplified wood board and drum it in a frantic collective improvisation.

: SOMEWHERE IN THE DARK (2000-2008) :
coll. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Fans and tracing paper, drums, blowers, thumb piano and vocal.
In collaboration with Robert Wyatt.

[ Photo: audioframes 2004 ]

: PAPER DRUMS (2004) :

8 drums - Irish bodhran, Moroccan bendirs, Indian dappla, tambourine - have a piece of paper taped onto their membranes. 8 fans make the papers flap, providing a discreet but rich poly-rhythm.


Musique des Emanglons is using long pieces of tracing paper hanged on the wall and covering the floor. They are activated by some ventilators that make the paper rustling in a quiet and instable percussion.

: PAPER ORGANS (2000) :

This installation has six blowers playing chords and clusters while six sheets of tracing paper are waving and clicking in the airflow.

Paper Organ - youtube video

: MECANOLOGIE (1997) :

This ensemble is based on the same principle as Mecanium. But instead of music instruments, the robots make daily life objects sounding - a teapot, a comb, some toothbrushes, a saw, an ashtray, some scissors, a letter-scale and a hammer.


An ensemble of eight transformed record players. Visually far from the previous orchestra, it favours again rhythms and loops by picking short parts of the groove from eight 7 inches records.

: MECANIUM (since 1977) :

A sixty-pieces orchestra made of Meccano parts, electro-motors and acoustic instruments from all over the world. According to the type of instrument that is included, each automaton plays a short melody, a rhythm or some harmony repeated in a loop.

[ Mecanium, Nagoya 1995 ]