CNT – Louis Laurain & Pierre Bastien

CNT4 @ Amadeus Kapp

cnt: on record covers, an abbreviation for « valve cornet” printed in brackets after the name of the musician who plays it. Example: Rex Stewart (cnt).

CNT: acronym for « Confederación Nacional del Trabajo », a Spanish libertarian union based on the recognition of the human group.

CNT: a group of two humans who play the valve cornet, a musical instrument commonly, and hardly ever, referred to as a trumpet.
There is no such thing as a trumpet for left-hander: three fingers are enough to lower the valves, without requiring exceptional agility. Most trumpet players could have only one arm. Their left hand is only used to help the other one to lift a very
light instrument.
But Louis Laurain and Pierre Bastien are not one-armed. Before they met, they had already decided, each in his own way, they would use the neglected hand: to add percussion to their melodic instrument, or to make it polyphonic, harmonic, or to turn it into a noise maker…
So don’t expect medieval sounds, military marches or bugle calls with this duo.
You’ll hear more like an orchestra, with its syncopated rhythms and swaying basses. Because Louis and Pierre play the trumpet with four hands, and sometimes even without their mouths.

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